Inside Russia's $1 Billion Mercury City Tower


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Mercury City Tower in Russia is one of the most unique skyscrapers in the world. The Golden Tower is outfitted with bronze glass so it looks like it’s reflecting the colors of the sunset. Constructing the multi-purpose skyscraper ended up costing more than three times its original budget, but the result is a luxurious building with offices, apartments, restaurants and shopping. It’s now the fifth tallest building in Russia, but when it was completed in 2013 it was the tallest in all of Europe. The $1 billion building is a centerpoint of Moscow City and part of Moscow’s International Business Center.

Apartments in Mercury City Tower are located on the topmost floors of the 75-floor building. They can sell for over $2 million. The building also has the tallest media facade in all of Europe. You won’t believe what advertisers will pay for just 10 minutes on the screens, which can be seen all over Moscow City. The building also hosts Mercury Space, an event venue that has won awards for being the best in Russia and Europe. It offers 360 degree views of Moscow City and has hosted everything from conferences to weddings. The luxurious building also has a few other perks-- like 24-hour concierge service plus a spa and fitness center-- but you’ll have to watch our video to find out more. Here’s everything you need to know about the Tower’s unique architecture and construction-- plus what it’s like to live in one of Russia’s most eye-catching buildings.

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00:00 Intro
00:36 What makes the Mercury City Tower so unique
03:05 Construction cost three times more than the budget
04:32 Inside the luxury apartments
06:02 Offices, restaurants and an award-winning event center